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Théodore Géricault

French painter and draftsman

Brief biography, in most instances from the Union List of Artist Names® Online:
Géricault grew up with Napoleon's triumphs and reached maturity at the time of the empire's decline, dying after only 12 working years in the troubled early period of the Restoration. He was frequently ill, probably with tuberculosis. He also suffered several riding accidents and seemed self-destructive in terms of endangering his health and making unwise financial speculations and expenditures. When he died, he was known to the public only by the three paintings he had exhibited at the Salon in Paris. He had also been active in London. He left behind 200 paintings and 1600 other works that made him famous posthumously and were influential to later artists. His style is characterized by an attempt to depict contemporary events in a grand scale and emotional tone, using influences of both the Romantic and the Neo-classical styles to create an individual style of his own.

Artist ID number in the Union List of Artist Names®: ULAN 500115562.
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Objects related to Théodore Géricault:

Théodore Géricault English Jockey (Jockey anglais), 1820 Pen lithograph on printed from a "cardboard stone"
Théodore Géricault Coach Horse, Ridden by a Coachman, 1820 Pen lithograph (printed from a lithographic "cardboard stone") on J. Whatman paper
Théodore Géricault Three Boys Playing with an Ass, 1820 Lithograph printed from a lithographic "cardboard stone"
Théodore Géricault A Party of Life Guards, 1821 Lithograph
Théodore Géricault March in the Desert (Marche dans le Désert), ca. 1822 Lithograph on wove paper
Théodore Géricault The St. Bernard Pass (Passage du Mont. St. Bernard), 1822 Lithograph on wove paper
Théodore Géricault Wagoners Driving up a Hill, 1823 Lithograph on white wove paper
Théodore Géricault The Flemish Blacksmith (Le Maréchal Flamand), 1822 Lithograph
Théodore Géricault The Church of St. Nicolas, Rouen, 1823 Lithograph mounted down on white wove paper
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