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Peter Paul Rubens

Flemish painter and draftsman

Brief biography, in most instances from the Union List of Artist Names® Online:
Rubens was an important and influential artist, as well as an international diplomat, successful businessman, devout Catholic, and an intellectual fluent in six languages. After study with local Antwerp painters, Rubens studied in Italy, copying works from antiquity and Renaissance masters. Rubens is famed for an energetic Baroque style that blends northern European realism with the grandeur and monumentality of Italian art. His work is characterized by a free, expressive technique that seemed to captured the feeling of 'joie de vivre.' His workshop was extremely prolific, with its many assistants helping to produce great numbers of paintings of many subjects, book illustrations, tapestry designs, festival decorations, and engraved reproductions of his paintings. He greatly influenced contemporary artists and later generations as well.

Artist ID number in the Union List of Artist Names®: ULAN 500002921.
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Objects related to Peter Paul Rubens:

Peter Paul Rubens, probably retouched by Lucas Vorsterman or Pieter Claesz. Soutman St. Catherine, 17th century Etching with burin retouching
Willem Panneels after Peter Paul Rubens Meleager Presenting the Head of a Boar to Atalanta, 17th century Etching
Wenceslaus Hollar after Peter Paul Rubens Peter Paul Rubens, 17th century Etching on laid paper, possibly tinted grey
Andrew Geddes after Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Nicolaas Rockox, Burgomaster of Antwerp, 1822 Etching
Schelte Bolswert after Peter Paul Rubens Madonna and Child with the Goldfinch, 17th century Engraving
Christoffel Jegher after Peter Paul Rubens The Infant Christ and St. John Playing with the Lamb, 17th century Woodcut
Christoffel Jegher after Peter Paul Rubens Christ Tempted by the Devil, after 1627 Woodcut
Jan Harmensz Muller after Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Archduke Albert of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands, 1615 Engraving
Jan Harmensz Muller after Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Archduchess Isabelle Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain, 1615 Engraving
Christoffel Jegher after Peter Paul Rubens Susanna Surprised by the Two Elders, ca. 1635-1640 Woodcut
Schelte Bolswert after Peter Paul Rubens The Annunciation, after 1625 Engraving and etching on laid paper
Christoffel Jegher after Peter Paul Rubens Bust of a Bearded Man, ca. 1632-1636 Chiaroscuro woodcut printed in light brown, medium brown, and dark brown inks from three blocks on laid paper
Magdalena van de Passe after Adam Elsheimer Cephalus and Procris, 17th century Engraving and etching
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