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Keyword searches may yield extra results in this iteration of collection search. The DAC collection is indexed with keywords from standard vocabularies and thesauri, or "authorities." The depth to which records have been indexed in this way varies.

Note to experienced users of authorities: The collections management system upstream from this web search serves a wide range of users. In order to support non-expert users, (1) all terms are linked into this one searchable bin; (2) some terms hierarchically inclusive of more granular applied terms also are carried for usability; and (3) some terms are applied to image subject matter in ways that exceed their faceted location in an authority. For example, "water" in the AAT Materials facet (300011772) is applied to prints with images depicting water. These intentional tradeoffs serve local needs with available tools. Whenever possible, keywords are based on the Art & Architecture Thesaurus® (AAT) from the Getty Research Institute. Terms without equivalents in the AAT version built into the DAC's collections system are from standardized in-house hierarchies. When possible, these are drawn from such standards as the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names® (TGN), the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials from the Library of Congress, or other Library of Congress Authorities.

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