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Franz Brun, aka Franz Brun I

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Franz Brun

German draftsman and engraver, active Cologne
Brun, a draftsman and engraver, worked in the style of the Nuremberg "Little Masters." His many known engravings include animal and fencing scenes, military figures, Turkish figures, rustic genre scenes, allegories, coats of arms and ornaments. His cycle depicting Christ, the Twelve Apostles and St Paul (1562-1563) is initialled, but Brun also used a monogram, formerly wrongly identified as that of Friedrich Brentel I. He has also been falsely attributed with a copy of Albrecht Dürer's Passion engraving, which is actually the work of another Franz Brun (active in Cologne, 1589-1652).

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Your search criteria: Artist is "Franz Brun".