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Corita, aka Sister Mary Corita, Corita Kent, Mary Corita Kent

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American designer, printmaker, and educator
American, (1918–1986)
A Roman Catholic nun from 1936-1968, Corita gained fame as a pop artist in the 1960s. As the head of the art department of Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, she taught students to find art in everyday life, as well as everyday objects. As her classes grew, so did her fame - in 1967 her works were displayed in over 150 shows in the Unites States alone. This led her to leave public life in 1968, though she continued to work. Her most well-known work was painted on a large gas storage tank in suburban Boston during the Vietnam War - a series of large strokes of paint which instigated controversy as some claimed to see the image of Ho Chi Minh hidden within the strokes. American artist, Los Angeles, Calif; Catholic nun.

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Your search criteria: Artist is "Corita".