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Andrea Schiavone , aka Meldolla or Andrea de Meldolla

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Andrea Schiavone

Italian painter, printmaker, and draftsman, born Dalmatia
Italian, (ca. 1500–1563)
He belonged to a prominent family who had settled in Zara, Dalmatia (now Zadar, Croatia), but were originally from Méldola in the Romagna. He was probably trained in Zara or Venice. As an etcher, he seems to have been essentially self-taught, working initially from drawings by Parmigianino. By the late 1530s Schiavone seems to have been established in Venice. His early work is busy and bright, but in his later career he began aiming for greater sobriety and control, and was influenced by the compositional models of Raphael and Titian. He was recognized as an important and successful artist during his lifetime.

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Your search criteria: Artist is "Andrea Schiavone".