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Stradanus (aka aka Johannes Stradanus)

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Stradanus (Jan Van Der Straet)

Flemish painter and draftsman, active in Italy
Flemish, (1523–1605)
The Flemish painter and draughtsman Jan van der Straet first trained under his father, Jan van der Straet (d. 1535), painter in Brugges. After his father's death, he was apprenticed for two years to Maximilian Franck (1490-1547). From 1537 to 1540 he trained under Pieter Aertsen in Antwerp. He became a master in Antwerp ca. 1545. He left for Italy ca. 1545 and travelled by way of Lyon, where he worked with Corneille de Lyon. Jan van der Straet was then active in Venice, Florence, Reggio Emilia, and Naples. He probably stayed in Rome from 1550 to 1553 and in Flanders from 1576 to 1578.

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Your search criteria: Artist is "Stradanus (Jan Van Der Straet)".