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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Adam and Eve   Dürer, Albrecht   Engraving  1504 
Apollo and Diana   Dürer, Albrecht   Engraving on laid paper  1505 
Susanna and the Elders   Lucas van Leyden   Engraving on laid paper  1508 
The Penitence of St. John Chrysostom   Cranach, Lucas, the elder   Engraving  1509 
The Three Fates: Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis   Baldung, Hans   Woodcut  1513 
Abduction of Proserpine   Dürer, Albrecht   Etching printed from an iron plate on laid paper  1516 
Titus Gracchus (Battle of Naked Men)   Beham, Barthel   Engraving  1528 
Soldier Killing a Naked Man   Master I. H.   Engraving on laid paper  1530 
Judgement of Paris   Monogrammist I. S.   Engraving  1534 
The Death of Meleager   Béatrizet, Nicolas   Engraving on laid paper  1543 
Two Genii   Beham, Hans Sebald   Engraving  1544 
Roman Soldiers in Combat with the Dacians   Béatrizet, Nicolas   Engraving  1553 
Venus and Amor   Boldrini, Nicolò   Woodcut  1566 
Hercules Reposing in a Landscape   Ghisi, Giorgio   Engraving  1567 
The Creation of the Four Continents   Anonymous   Engraving on laid paper  1589 
Adam and Eve   Saenredam, Jan   Engraving  1597 
Omnia Vincit Amor   Carracci, Agostino   Engraving (with a crayon drawing on verso)  1599 
Cadmus Asks the Oracle at Delphi Where He Can Find His Sister, Europa   Anonymous   Engraving on laid paper  1615 
The Ship of Fortune   Rembrandt van Rijn   Etching on cream laid paper  1633 
Sacrifice to Priapus   Anonymous   Etching  16th century 
The Rape of Ganymede   Béatrizet, Nicolas   Engraving  16th century 
Bathsheba at the Bath   Brosamer, Hans   Engraving  16th century 
Judgement of Paris   Brosamer, Hans   Engraving  16th century 
Venus Mourning the Death of Adonis   Cambiaso, Luca   Woodcut  16th century 
The Battle of Naked Men   Campagnola, Domenico   Engraving  16th century 

Your search criteria: Keyword is "B:GIZI:GIZJ:GNUX:GNWD:GNXC".

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